Alumni Association


The Alumni Association was established on 27 th February 2020 (Reg. No. – Beed/0000131/2020) under Registration Act 1860 as Swa. Sawarkar Arts, Science Commerce College Alumni Association, Beed. It provides a forum for alumni to maintain and develop their links with the College. It encourages present and past students to remains part of the Swa. Sawarkar College family. Its mission is to support and promote the interest of alumni and college community by enabling alumni to strengthen the bonds between present and past students, by creating personal link with alumni, providing services and by fostering emotional connection among them and the college.


  • To get the entire alumni together under one roof
  • To engage the current students with the alumni to get useful career guidance from the alumni
  • To maintain an updated alumni database
  • To create common interest groups and provide a forum for discussion
  • To inform the alumni about the ongoing and future activities
  • Reunions can be organized with the help of the alumni association
  • To extend the support regarding Financial & Intellectual as per the Students
  • Requirements.
  • To organize blood donation and educational camps
  • To take up action program or activities for the benefit of association members and their family.

Standard Operating Procedure


  1. The Alumni cell would convene meeting once in every month.
  2. Meetings would be conducted on dates scheduled in the circular released by the principal during the starting of every month.
  3. The Agenda of the meeting should include:
    • Inclusion /Exclusion of terms and condition specified in bye-laws.
    • Conduct of Alumni meets, Alumni interactions, Alumni visits, invited alumni talks, etc.
    • Discussion about Department wise action plans to involve alumni in various activities.
    • Submission of Activity Reports and review of its Outcomes.
    • Funding support from alumni and review is Utilization.
    • Establishing healthy and productive relations with alumni.
    • Gaining Voluntary support from Alumni for the developmental initiatives of the Institute / Department.
  4. Members are expected to participate actively in the deliberations of the Alumni cell.
  5. Minutes of the Monthly meeting should be prepared and submitted to Head of the Institution
  6. All documents related with activities of the Alumni Cell must be filed in the respective file after review by the Head of the Institution.


  1. Registration forms would be circulated to the students studying final semester at the final Year of their study.
  2. Filled in registration forms would be collected and filed by respective Faculty member of alumni cell.
  3. Registration fee for memberships in Alumni association would be collected from the final Semester Students.
  4. The Members of Department should ensure availability of e-Registration forms in the Institute Website round the year.
  5. The records of e-registrants through website should be periodically verified and enrolled as members of the Alumni Association.

Inviting and hosting Alumni Meets by the Alumni cell

Executive committee of Alumni Association:

Sr. No. Name of the Member Designation
1. Shri AdeshkumarJawaharlaljiNahar(CA) President
2. Shri Ajay Kacharu Sawai (Social Worker) Vice-President
3. Shri Dnyaneshwar VitthalraoKhande(CA) Secretary
4. Shri Ajay Kacharu Sawai (Social Worker) Joint-Secretary
5. Dr. Ganesh Sudhakar Adgaonkar(Asso. Prof.) Treasurer
6. Shri Amol Srikant vipra (Entrepreneur) Member
7. Shri Anand Ashokkumar Tiwari(Entrepreneur) Member
8. Shri Chavan Laxman Navnath(Assi. Prof.) Member
9. Shri Shubham Sunilkumarji Kotecha(Entrepreneur) Member


Sr. No. Name of the Activity Date No. of Students Participated

Sr. No. Name of the Activity Date No. of Students Participated

Sr. No. Name of the Activity Date No. of Students Participated

Sr. No. Name of the Activity Date No. of Students Participated

Sr. No. Name of the Activity Date No. of Students Participated

Sr. No. Name of the Activity Date No. of Students Participated

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