Sawarkar Adhykshan Kendra

Sawarkar Adhykshan Kendra

With the aim of promoting and spreading the literature, thought and philosophy of the great revolutionary, learned historian, great writer, skillful organizer, scientific thinker, freedom fighter Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, the Freedom Fighter Savarkar Adhyasan Kendra was established in Savarkar College in June 2019.

Savarkar literature and reference books are made available to those studying and researching Savarkar literature through the Savarkar Adhyasan Kendra. Those doing research on Savarkar's literature are guided. On the occasion of Savarkar's birthday in May 2020, an online short term course 'Samagr Savarkar' was conducted by Savarkar Adhyasan Kendra, Dr. Rupali Kulkarni was the coordinator. More than four thousand Savarkar lovers from all over the country participated in this course. Savarkar Adhyasan Center through 'Swa. Savarkar Biography Certificate Course' is conducted every year. In the course Savarkar's overall biography is told in twelve weeks. This course runs every Saturday and Sunday for three months through classes. There is no age requirement for this course. Anyone who has passed 10th can take admission for this course. Doctors, lawyers, businessmen, professors, bank employees of Beed city were admitted in the first batch. After completion of the course an examination is conducted and then the participating students are given a certificate of completion of 'Savarkar Biography Certificate Course'. On Savarkar's self-surrender day in February 2021, certificates were distributed to students who completed the course this year.

Self Dr. Laxmikant Bahegvankar, Head of Adhyasan Kendra, decided to give 100 lectures on "Savarkar in Andaman" on the occasion of black water liberation centenary of Savarkar brother through Savarkar Adhyasan Kendra.

Apart from this, elocution competition and essay competition based on various aspects of Savarkar's life are conducted at the school level. Adhyasan Kendra plans to take the initiative 'Har Ghar Savarkar' on a large scale. Officer of Indian Education Broadcasting Association, Chairman of College Committee Prof. Chandrakant Mule, Principal of the College Dr. Under the guidance of Preeti Pohekar, there is a plan to increase the work and expansion of the center in the future.

Dr. Laxmikant Bahegvankar
Chief Savarkar Study Centre, Swa Savarkar College, Beed.

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