Course of Study

Course Of Study

College provides the three years degree course in Arts, Science and Commerce for Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Commerce. The medium of instruction for these courses is Marathi for Arts and English for Commerce and Science faculty.

Faculty of Arts

B.A. (First Year) (First & Second Semester)

(No.of divisions =2, Granted division = 1, Non granted division = 1)
(Total intake capacity = 120 + 120 = 240)

  1. Compulsory Language : English
  2. Second Language : Marathi / Hindi / Sanskrit
  3. Optional Subjects :

Select any one subject each from any of the following three groups.

  1. Marathi / Hindi / English / Sanskrit
  2. Public Administration / Economics / History
  3. Political Science / Sociology.
  4. Geography / Psychology / Home science / Dramatics / Philosophy / Physical Education/ Music/ Military Science

B.A (Second year) (Third & Fourth Semester)

(No. of divisions =1, Granted division = 1, Total intake capacity = 120)

  1. Compulsory language : English
  2. Second Language : Which is selected and studied at first year.
  3. Optional Subjects :
  4. Those three subjects which were selected and studied at first year.

B.A (Third year) (Fifth & Sixth Semester)

(One granted division, intake capacity = 120)

Students have to study only optional subjects selected at first & second year.

Out of three optional subjects, student have to select one subject as a main subject and other two as a subsidiary subjects.

Note :-

  1. Maximum 30 students will be admitted for each optional subject.
  2. Students getting admission in non grant division will have to pay full fees and is not liable to get any scholarship or concession in fees.

Faculty of Science

B.Sc. (First Year) (First & Second semester)

(No.of divisions = 2, Granted division = 1, Non granted division = 1)
(Total intake capacity = 120 + 120 = 240)

  1. Compulsory Language : English
  2. Second Language : Marathi / Hindi / Sanskrit
  3. Optional Subjects :

Select any one subject each from any of the following groups.

  1. Chemistry / Botany / Microbiology
  2. Chemistry / Botany / Zoology
  3. Chemistry / Zoology / Microbiology
  4. Physics / Chemistry / Computer Science
  5. Physics / Mathematics / Electronics
  6. Physics / Chemistry / Mathematics
  7. Physics / Computer Science / Mathematics
  8. Physics / Chemistry / Statistics
  9. Physics / Electronics / Computer Science
  10. Chemistry / Botany / Biotechnology
  11. Chemistry / Zoology / Biotechnology
  12. Physics / Computer Science / Statistics
  13. Physics / Statistics / Mathematics
  14. Chemistry / Microbiology / Biotechnology
  15. Mathematics / Statistics / Computer Science
  16. Mathematics / Chemistry / Computer Science

B.Sc. Second Year (Third & Fourth semester)

(No. of divisions = 1, Granted division = 1)
(Total intake capacity = 120)

  1. Compulsory language : English
  2. Second Language : Which is selected and studied at first year.
  3. Optional Subjects :
  4. Those which are selected in first year.

B.Sc. Third Year (Fifth & Sixth semester)

(One granted division, intake capacity = 120)
(Only optional subjects those were offered for B.Sc. First and Second year.)

M.Sc. (Chemistry)

M.Sc. Chemistry I & II Semester


  1. CHE-101- Analytical Chemistry
  2. CHE-102- Inorganic Chemistry
  3. CHE-103- Organic Chemistry
  4. CHE-104- Physical Chemistry


  1. CHE-205- Spectroscopic methods of analysis
  2. CHE-206- Inorganic Chemistry
  3. CHE-207- Organic Chemistry
  4. CHE-208- Physical Chemistry

M.Sc. Chemistry III & IV Semester


  1. CHE-313- Structural Elucidation by Spectral methods
  2. CHEO-314- Organic Synthesis
  3. CHEO-315- Asymmetric Synthesis And Bio-Organic Chemistry
  4. CHEO-316- Photochemistry, Free Radicals and Pericyclic Reactions


  1. CHEO-417-Oraganic Synthesis : Retrosynthetic Approach
  2. CHEO-418- Advanced Organic and Heterocyclic Chemistry
  3. CHEO-419- Chemistry of Natural Products
  4. CHEO-420- Medicinal Chemistry

Faculty Of Commerce

B.Com (First Year) (First & Second Semester)

(No.of divisions =1, Intake capacity = 120)

  1. English :- Written and Spoken Communication in English.
  2. Second Language :- Marathi / Hindi / Sanskrit
  3. IT App. In Business (Theroy & Practical)
  4. Entrepreneurship Development
  5. Business & Industril Economics
  6. Business Mathematics & Statistics
  7. Financial Accounting

B.Com (Second year) (Third & Fourth Semester)

(No.of divisions =1, Intake capacity = 120)

  1. English Compulsory
  2. Second Language :- Marathi / Hindi / Sanskrit.
  3. IT App. In Business (Theory & Practical)
  4. Principles of Business Management.
  5. Corporate Accounting.
  6. Business Regulatory Frame work.
  7. Marketing Management (Optional)

B.Com (Third year) (Fifth & Sixth Semester)

  1. Advanced Financial Accounting
  2. Management Accounting.
  3. Cost Accounting
  4. Indirect Taxes & Direct Taxes.
  5. New Auditing Trends.
  6. Banking & Insurance (Optional).

Plumbing Course for women

The MOU has been set between Bhartiy Shikshan Prasarka Sanstha’s Swa Sawarkar Mahavidyalaya and Janshikshan Sansthan Beed to organize Skill development training Course for women, both institutions have taken initiatives to organize skill development course for women to empower them and make them financially independent.

This Skill development training course is organize to create self employment opportunity for women who are from educational and economically weak background and SC and ST women

Hon Principal Dr Priti Pohrkar has called meetings and given guidance to commencement the course, At the advent of Course as per the guidelines five groups of women have been created ,each group has two women to communicate women .Each group has communicated 25 women ,All the groups have been communicated more than 200 women .

A workshop was organized on 22 November 2022 for all the women whom have been communicated. All the women assembled for the occasion, this workshop has been taken in two sessions

In the first session Shri Deshamukh has given detail information about Assistant Dress Maker (Tailoring) training Course that is run under the scheme of skill development Course

In the second session Mrs Manurkar and Mrs Swati Jain has given information in practical mode, they have given information about the tailoring as differ fashionable dress ,blouse cutting and other dresses of girls and women

Under the MOU of two institutions the first training Course Assistant Dress Maker started on 8 December 2022,the admissions were limited with 20 seats .The course fees was 400 rupees for open ,and the course was completely free for SC/ST/Divorcee women

The course syllabus has designed as 65% practical and 25% theory ,After the successfully completion of Course ,the financial help in the form of loan will be given to women ,Course Training Certificate will also given to the women to set business .

The inauguration ceremony has been taken on 8 December 2022, Dr Hemantji Vaidya ,Karyvah BSPS Ambejagai was the President of Ceremony ,Shri Upenrdraji Kulkarni was the Chief inaugurator of Ceremony ,The other Dignitaries as

Hon Shri Chandrakantji Mule ,President College Development Committee and Administrative Officer of Institution ,Hon Shri Pravin Sardeshamukh ,Member of the central Executive Body of Institution ,Hon Advocate Shri Rohit Sarvdnany Member of Central Executive Body of Institution ,Hon Shri Gajanan Jagtap ( President of Local Management Body of Sawarkar Shaikshanik Sankul Beed ),Hon Dr Vivekaji Palwankar ( Karyavah ,Local Management Body ,Swa.Sawarkar Shaikshanik Sankul Beed ) ,Hon Shri Pramodji Kulkarni (President Madhyamik and Uchhamadyamik Committee ),Hon Shri S.N.Kulkarni ( President Pathamik Shaley Samiti ) ,Shri Gangadharji Deshamukh ( President J.S.S.Beed) Hon. Principal Dr Priti Pohekar ,Vice Principal Dr Bahegavankar LG.,Vice Principal Dr Rajesha Dhere were present for inauguration function .Introduction of programme has been given by Dr Gosavi MI.and Hon Principal Dr. Priti Pohekar has delivered Swagat Sandesh ,Programme has been hosted by Dr Sunita Kurude ,vote of thanks has delivered by Dr Rupali Kulkarni

Programme has been concluded with the recitation of Pasaydan

Preference has been given to economically weak and needy women; training has been given by Sou Shubhangi Zend, regularly all the classes of training course have been engaged in Mahavidyalaya

Exam of Assistant Dress Maker was organized on 29th March 2023, the exam was taken in written form ,Oral Form viva and Practical form ,Sou Surekha Palkar External Examiner ,Hon Dr Pricipal Priti Poherkar ,Shri Deshmukha ,Sou Shubhangi Jain ,Sou Swati Jain ,Sou Seema Manurkar and Course Coordinator Dr Medha Gosavi was present

Plumbing, Rainwater harvesting and Groundwater recharge or Deep drainage skill Development Training Course

Under the MOU of two institutions the Plumbing, Rainwater harvesting and Groundwater recharge or Deep drainage skill Development Training Course was Started on 25 th January 2023, the admissions were limited with 20 seats .This is the first Plumping batch in Maharashtra that has been organized by Swa Sawarkar Mahavidyalaya Beed with the alliance of Jan Shikshan Prashikshan Sanstha Beed ,this the historical vision as plumbing for women is the thought of out of the box ,our Hon Principal Dr.Pritee Pohrkar with the prophetic vision ,mam has given maiden idea to start such batch for girls , this is completely the new vision to commence Plumbing Batch for Girls ,under the guidance of mam ,the batch has been formed ,all admissions have been completed ,inauguration function of the batch was organized on 25 th January 2023 on the occasion of National Voter Day that time Shri Uttanraoji Patil Additional Collector , Shri Uttanraoji Patil Sub Divisional officer, Shri Namdevji Tilekar were present

The inauguration ceremony of batch has been taken place with the auspicious hands of Dr.Seema Joshi, other dignitaries were also present as Hon Dr Vivekaji Palwankar Karywah Local Management Body of Swa.Sawarkar Shailshanik Sankul ,Vice Principal Dr L.G.Bahegavankar ,Vice Principal Dr Rajeshji Dhere for the inauguration ceremony .The programme was hosted by Dr M.I Gosavi

Vote of thanks has been presented by Dr L G Bahegavankar

Sou Aadhare tai has taken all the theory period of plumbing course and Shri Satkar ( Plumber ) has given practical knowledge by showing practical on the different construction site. Girls have actively participated in all the practical of plumbing course under the supervision of Plumber Shri Satkar on different Construction site . The girls from all the streams have participated and actively completed the course

After the successfully completion of course the Certificate of the course will be given as they will easily get the financially assistance from bank to set business.

Exam of the Plumbing course was taken on 9 April 2023 ,the form of exam was written ,oral and practical of 100 marks ,all the participated girls have been given the exam in the premises of college campus ,that time external examiner Shri Dinesh Jogdand ,Shri Palkar Ass Programme Officer Janshikshan Sanstha ,Shri Jalindar Satkar Pumbing trainer, Hon. Principal Dr Priti Pohekar ,Course Coordinator Dr Medha Gosavi ,Dr Sangeeta Sasane were present .

Sawarkar Adhyasan Kendra

With the aim of promoting and spreading the literature, thought and philosophy of the great revolutionary, learned historian, great writer, skillful organizer, scientific thinker, freedom fighter Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, the Freedom Fighter Savarkar Adhyasan Kendra was established in Savarkar College in June 2019.

Savarkar literature and reference books are made available to those studying and researching Savarkar literature through the Savarkar Adhyasan Kendra. Those doing research on Savarkar's literature are guided. On the occasion of Savarkar's birthday in May 2020, an online short term course 'Samagr Savarkar' was conducted by Savarkar Adhyasan Kendra, Dr. Rupali Kulkarni was the coordinator. More than four thousand Savarkar lovers from all over the country participated in this course. Savarkar Adhyasan Center through 'Swa. Savarkar Biography Certificate Course' is conducted every year. In the course Savarkar's overall biography is told in twelve weeks. This course runs every Saturday and Sunday for three months through classes. There is no age requirement for this course. Anyone who has passed 10th can take admission for this course. Doctors, lawyers, businessmen, professors, bank employees of Beed city were admitted in the first batch. After completion of the course an examination is conducted and then the participating students are given a certificate of completion of 'Savarkar Biography Certificate Course'. On Savarkar's self-surrender day in February 2021, certificates were distributed to students who completed the course this year.

Self Dr. Laxmikant Bahegvankar, Head of Adhyasan Kendra, decided to give 100 lectures on "Savarkar in Andaman" on the occasion of black water liberation centenary of Savarkar brother through Savarkar Adhyasan Kendra.

Apart from this, elocution competition and essay competition based on various aspects of Savarkar's life are conducted at the school level. Adhyasan Kendra plans to take the initiative 'Har Ghar Savarkar' on a large scale. Officer of Indian Education Broadcasting Association, Chairman of College Committee Prof. Chandrakant Mule, Principal of the College Dr. Under the guidance of Preeti Pohekar, there is a plan to increase the work and expansion of the center in the future.

Dr. Laxmikant Bahegvankar
Chief Savarkar Study Centre, Swa Savarkar College, Beed.

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