Vidyasabha Committee


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Shri. Muley Chandrakant Anantrao Management Member
2 Smt. Dr. Priti Diliprao Pohekar Principal
3 Dr. Bartakke Krishna Vasudevrao Vidyasabha Coordinator
4 Dr. Bahegavankar Laxmikant Govindrao Vice Principal
5 Dr. Dhere Rajesh Marotirao IQAC Coordinator
6 Dr. Salve Uttam Shankarrao Teaching Learning & Evaluation
7 Dr. Dhond Gopal Martandrao Teacher Guardian
8 Dr. Kulkarni Vinod Babanrao UGC & RUSA
9 Smt. Dr. Kulkarni Rupali Balwantrao Research & Development Cell
10 Shri. Khandagale Ramesh Tarakram Alumni Association
11 Dr. Pangarkar Chhatrapati Baburao Examination Cell
12 Dr. Doke Ashok Tulshiram Extra Curricular activities


Vidyasabha has formulation of different departments representing the processes of Teaching-Learning, Evaluation, Research, Extracurricular activities, Extension services and IQAC. An in-charge teacher heads the responsibilities of respective departments. The office bearers of the Vidyasabha are President, Vice President, Chief of various levels of education system such as UG, PG and Higher Secondary, Secondary education and Primary as well as preprimary education.


Following are the objectives of Vidyasabha

  • To deliver content of the curriculum to student with the relevance of ‘Bhartiyatva’
  • To impart significance of value based education
  • To plan the annual activities of respective departments of Vidyasabha.
  • To analyze the progress and outcome of the plan.
  • To guide teachers regarding proper implementation of the plan.


The formal education system seems to be centered at quantitative outcome of summative assessment system. Some where it lacks the focus expected for over all development of student as a citizen of the nation. National development is dependent on education system. It is responsible for well educated citizen as per the mission statement of the Sanstha i.e. ‘Man making through character building’.


Honorable Secretary, Bhartiya Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha, Ambajogai appoints teachers from constituent colleges from Sanstha as In-charge of the various departments of Vidyasabha. In the meeting, annual plan is prepared is invited from different department. It is discussed in the meeting before approval. The approved plan is then sent to respective college in the Sanstha for implementation. As Chairman of college level Vidyasabha Principal appoints teachers as per guidelines of the central Vidyasabha.


At college level, an annual plan is prepared as per the guidelines of central Vidyasabha. The planning and reports are summarised with well developed formats. The plan approved by Hon. Principal is then followed and monitored through out the academic year. Finally outcome is evaluated at end of the academic year.


Vidyasabha is a unique and well developed system Bhartiya Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha, Ambajogai practiced from its early days. Visionary top management pays contribution in functioning. The planning and implementation system is recognized by the society as a well organized system. Inculcation of moral values those represent Bhartiyatva, social responsibilities as a citizen, ethics, practices for soundness of health and mind. Tri annual shibir is a well established event organized by the central Vidyasabha.

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