MSC Chemistry

MSC Chemistry

M.Sc. Chemistry I & II Semester


  1. CHE-101- Analytical Chemistry
  2. CHE-102- Inorganic Chemistry
  3. CHE-103- Organic Chemistry
  4. CHE-104- Physical Chemistry


  1. CHE-205- Spectroscopic methods of analysis
  2. CHE-206- Inorganic Chemistry
  3. CHE-207- Organic Chemistry
  4. CHE-208- Physical Chemistry

M.Sc. Chemistry III & IV Semester


  1. CHE-313- Structural Elucidation by Spectral methods
  2. CHEO-314- Organic Synthesis
  3. CHEO-315- Asymmetric Synthesis And Bio-Organic Chemistry
  4. CHEO-316- Photochemistry, Free Radicals and Pericyclic Reactions


  1. CHEO-417-Oraganic Synthesis : Retrosynthetic Approach
  2. CHEO-418- Advanced Organic and Heterocyclic Chemistry
  3. CHEO-419- Chemistry of Natural Products
  4. CHEO-420- Medicinal Chemistry

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