Internal Complaints Committee (Vishakha Samiti)


This policy document outlines the guidelines and procedures for the functioning of the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) at Swa. Sawakar Mahavidyalaya, Beed, in accordance with the UGC (University Grants Commission) guidelines and the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013.


The primary objective of the Internal Complaints Committee is to create a safe and respectful work and study environment that is free from any form of sexual harassment and discrimination. The ICC is committed to addressing complaints in a timely, fair, and confidential manner, and to promoting awareness and prevention of sexual harassment.

Standard Operating Procedure

Composition of the ICC

The ICC is composed as per UGC guidelines and consists of the following members:

  • Chairperson (Faculty member)
  • Two Faculty Members (preferably female)
  • One Non-Teaching Staff Member
  • One Student Representative
  • One External Expert (Legal expert or NGO representative)
Roles and Responsibilities Chairperson:
  • Preside over the meetings of the ICC
  • Coordinate and oversee the activities of the ICC
  • Ensure compliance with UGC guidelines and the law
  • Submit an annual report to the institution
  • Attend ICC meetings and contribute to discussions
  • Assist in the investigation of complaints as required
  • Uphold confidentiality and impartiality throughout the process
Student Representative:
  • Act as a liaison between students and the ICC
  • Present the perspective of students during meetings and discussions
External Expert:
  • Provide expertise on legal and procedural matters
  • Contribute an unbiased viewpoint to the investigation process
Complaint Registration and Procedure Complaint Registration:
  • Any member of the institution, including faculty, staff, students, or visitors, may file a complaint of sexual harassment.
  • Complaints should be submitted in writing to the ICC through a designated channel.
Complaint Procedure:
  • The ICC shall conduct a preliminary inquiry within seven days of receiving the complaint.
  • If the complaint is found to be prima facie valid, a full investigation will be initiated.
  • The investigation shall be completed within 30 days.
  • The ICC may gather evidence, interview parties involved, and consult external experts if needed.
Action and Redressal:
  • Upon completion of the investigation, the ICC shall recommend appropriate action to the institution's authorities.
  • The institution's authorities shall take necessary action in accordance with the recommendations.

All information related to complaints and investigations shall be treated with the utmost confidentiality to protect the privacy and dignity of all parties involved.

Awareness and Prevention

The ICC shall conduct regular awareness programs and training sessions for faculty, staff, and students to promote a safe and respectful environment and prevent sexual harassment.


The ICC shall submit an annual report to the institution detailing the number of complaints received, actions taken, and recommendations for improvement.

Amendment and Review

This policy document shall be subject to periodic review and may be amended as required to align with changing regulations and best practices.


The ICC is committed to upholding the principles of equity, dignity, and respect within Swa. Sawakar Mahavidyalaya, Beed. This policy document reflects our dedication to creating a harmonious and harassment-free academic and work environment for all members of the institution.


Sr. No. Name of the Activity Date No. of Students Participated
1. shardotsav From 26 September to 5 October 2022 80 Participants
2. Rani Laxmibai Jayanti 18 Novemer 2022 80 Participants
3. Mahila Palak melava 25 January 2023 50 Participants
4. International women day 25 January 2023 60 Participants

Sr. No. Name of the Activity Date No. of Students Participated
1. Shardotsav From 07 october to 15 october 2021 35 Participants
2. Jijau Jayanti 12 january 2022 40 Participants
3. Yoga workshop 17 june To 21 June 2021 40 Participants
4. International women Day 08 March 2022 80 Participants

Sr. No. Name of the Activity Date No. of Students Participated
1. Online Yoga Day 21st June 2020 179 participants
2. National E presentation competition 10th August2020 56 participants
3. shardotsav From 17october to 25 october 2020 50 participants
4. International women Day 08th March 2021 56 participants
5. E-Mahila palak melava 10th March 2021 80 participants

Sr. No. Name of the Activity Date No. of Students Participated

Sr. No. Name of the Activity Date No. of Students Participated

Sr. No. Name of the Activity Date No. of Students Participated

Year Wise Committee

Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Kulkarni Vasundhara Mohit Chairman
2 Smt. Dr. Kulkarni Swati Sudhakrao Coordinator
3 Smt. Deshpande Deepa Rukminikant Member
4 Smt. Dr. Sasane Sangita Supdaji Member
5 Adv. Joshi Kirti Digambar Member
6 Principal Smt. Dr. Priti Diliprao Pohekar Invited Member
7 Dr. Bahegavankar Laxmikant Govindrao Invited Member
8 Dr. Dhere Rajesh Marotirao Invited Member

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