Cultural Activities Committee


The cultural committee of the college strives to celebrate the cultural diversity by organizing various activities throughout the year. The committee seeks to create a platform that provides the students an opportunity to display creative talents among them. The committee provides opportunities for the students to relax and enjoy the college campus life amidst rigorous academics.

The focus of the committee is to provide rich experience to the students in various diversified cultural activities. The committee attempts to provide an opportunity to students to collaborate and build their organizational skills while managing events. It is a active forum through which the culture and traditions of our country and state could be showcased, thereby building a sense of national Pride among the students.

Organizational Structure

Sr. No.




Principal, Prof. Dr.Sanjay G. Shirodkar



Dr. Kulkarni Rupali B.



Shri. Deshpande Anant V.

Vividh Gun Darshan/ Mushayra


Dr. Gaikwad Jogendra R.

Kalopasak Mandal-Ganesh Making, Rangoli,Mrudumurtikala, Collase, Rangoli


Smt. Deshpande Deepa R.

Fancy Dress , Music-Bhajan, Sugam, Shastriy, Samuh, Qawwali


Shri. Gavane Ram B.

Lokkala ,Loknatya


Dr. Talkhedkar Prashant Y.

Sangit Rajani, Antakshari


Dr. Gosavi Medha I.

Dnyanopasak Mandal


  • To make the students all rounder by bringing out their various talents
  • To provide creative knowledge of art and culture to make students dynamic
  • To develop artistic vision among students
  • To participate in Sawarkar Mahotsav and Youth festival activities
  • To apply the art for minimizing mental stress/sorrow in the world and to create peace, purity and prosperity
  • To provide a platform for budding artist students
  • To inculcate team spirit to account for overall personality development of students
  • To organize some city level/ district level activities/competitions
  • To promote visual arts like Paintings, Sculpture, Crafts
  • To honor known artists in the society
  • To participate in various competitions

Standard Operating Procedure


Schedule of meetings

  • Beginning of the academic year for the annual planning of Cultural activities
  • Meeting before every event for planning and allotment of responsibilities
  • Meeting before Youth Festival organized by parent University
  • Meeting at the end of the academic year

Responsibilities of the coordinator

  • The coordinator of the cultural committee calls the meetings and set the agenda for the activities of the cultural committee
  • The coordinator is responsible for ensuring that each member has doing his roll well and participating actually in every event
  • The coordinator of the committee is also responsible for ensuring that each member had prepared, maintained and submitted the relevant documentation of his/her responsibility
  • The coordinator of the committee is responsible for writing and circulating minutes of every meeting
  • The coordinator is responsible for the financial plan of the cultural activities

Working of the committee

  • Strategic perspective plans need to be submitted by the committee along with estimated budget prior to the commencement of the academic year
  • The cultural committee shall be responsible for all Inter College and Intra College cultural events
  • Any inter Collegiate/district level/state level events could be organized in Association with another committee
  • The committee also be responsible for the organization of celebrations of national festivals, local days, National and international significance days in the college
  • The committee is also responsible for organizing the Savarkar Mahotsav
  • The committee is therefore entrusted with the planning and scheduling of cultural events for the academic year
  • The Co-ordinator must have informal meetings regularly with cultural students and members
  • The Co-ordinator must decide tentative dates to be included in the annual plan of the college
  • The Co-ordinator must decentralize the responsibility by work distribution among the Formation of committee members
  • The co-ordinator must allocate the task to the committee members & should take regular follow up
  • The committee needs to prepare the annual budget/ individual event budget keeping in mind the various cultural activities
  • The procedure to organize cultural events is as follows,
    1. Confirmation of venue, date, time and agenda of the event or program Permission from the college authority
    2. Publicity among the students and staff and locality via notice board displays, invitations, brochures
    3. Arrangement of actual event at the venue and Logistics
    4. Invitation to the guests & their hospitality
    5. Arrangement of guests, trophies /medals/ certificates etc for the participants
    6. Training of the students for welcome address/ vote of thanks/ anchoring etc.
    7. Submission of the bills and invoices for all expenditures to the account section Communicating the report of event/activity for uploading on College website or arranging for press release

 Documents maintained by the committee

  • Copy of the annual plan
  • Register including the notices, minutes of the meetings etc.
  • File including the circulars or letters from various organizations
  • Circulars or letters from IQAC/ principal/ HOD linked to the events organized
  • Brochures/invitation cards
  • Annual or individual event budget submitted
  • Report of every event or activity conducted (minimum 500 words)
  • Student enrollment in each activity and their attendance
  • Photographs of the event
  • Certificates/trophies issued if any
  • Copy or photos of press release or media coverage

Formation of committee

Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Smt. Dr. Kulkarni Rupali Balwantrao Chairman
2 Shri. Deshpande Anant Vinayakrao Member
3 Dr. Gaikwad Jogendra Ramrao Member
4 Shri. Gavane Ram Baburao Member
5 Smt. Dr. Gosavi Medha Indrakant Member
6 Smt. Deshande Deepa Rukminikant Member
7 Dr. Talkhedkar Prashant Yashwantrao Member

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