College Magazine Committee & Wall Paper


Kaustubh is an annual issue published by the college every year. Mass is an effective means of conveying students' thoughts to society in the form of literature. Kaustubh is very important for the writing skills and happiness of the students. Kaustubh is a reflection of the college, and the successful graph of the college can be seen in the issue. Every year on 28th June, the anniversary of Indian Education Broadcasting Society, Kaustubh issue is published. These are published, students get an opportunity to present their thoughts on various topics and students are also encouraged to showcase their skills.


  1. Development of writing skills among students
  2. Introduction of print media to students
  3. Provision of platform for appreciative cartoons/ comical strips
  4. Skill development in writing such as articles, report, poem etc.
  5. Promotion of students to perform editorial work

Standard Operating Procedure

A committee is formed for Kaustubh Magazine. Meetings are held by the committee and annual planning is done accordingly. Materials in Marathi, Hindi, Sanskrit and English language are collected from the students. For maximum participation of the students, they are guided and encouraged. The best materials from the collected materials are selected by the committee. Reports of various committees and departments are also published in the issue and photographs and information related to the awards of the students during the year are collected and that information is published in the issue. The qualitative development of the college can be seen through the Kaustubh issue. Similarly, on the occasion of the special day, various committees and departments publish Gaurav issue bulletins. Through this, students are guided and encouraged to write on the topics of society, social commitment, message, research, thoughts, and work of great men, etc. through the Gaurav Wallpaper. Such editions are also a great opportunity for students to produce literature.


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